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Aluminum Cantilever Staircase Ladder

Aluminum Cantilever Staircase Ladder enables easy access to space-restricted areasAluminum Cantilever Staircase Ladder qatar. It is ideal for working safely at huge heights. While working with tools and materials, it is a fully welded and easily accessible tower. This Cantilever Staircase Ladder is fully utilized for maintaining and constructing structures. 

The wide working platform with a safety guardrail makes it more user-friendly for the workers working at construction sites. It consists of wide and anti-skid steps and is also movable with a lockable caster wheel. 

Scaffolding Qatar supplies scaffolding ladders that are factory-made. Its length and thickness depending upon the client’s specifications.


  • Cantilever enables easy access to space-restricted areas
  • Fixed and fully welded
  • Wide and anti-skid step
  • Wide working platform with safety guardrail
  • Movable with lockable caster wheel