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Heavy Duty Two Way Aluminum Ladder

Scaffolding Qatar is a top leading firm developing Heavy Duty Two Way AluminuHeavy Duty Two Way Aluminum Ladder qatarm Ladder for both industrial and commercial use. With a double-sided aluminum ladder, operators can perform technical heightened tasks easily. 

Featuring a working load of 150 kg, two people can work together on this ladder standing on opposite sides. Moreover, it is anodized to keep the workers’ hands clean. Also, the size and weight of the ladder depend on the requirements of clients. 

At Scaffolding Qatar, we conduct an accurate quality test of these Heavy Duty Two Way Aluminum Ladders to make them industry-submissive. Clients can buy these ladders according to their requirements at the best price.


  • Twin ladder designed for the use of one or two persons
  • Slip –Resistant feet
  • Heavy gauge steel hinges
  • Double–Rivet step construction
  • 1-2 Persons can use from both sides
  • 100% secure
  • Inexpensive rates
  • Strong development of the structure.
  • Safe working load 150Kgs