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Platform Aluminum Ladder

Platform Aluminum Ladder can differ depending on their purposes. The most common type ofPlatform Aluminum Ladder Qatar ladder is step ladders used in household works. But for construction or building purposes, Aluminum ladders are used because of their lightweight and non-corrosive nature. 

Platform aluminum ladders have an elegant look with slip-resistant quality. They have more space for putting tools and materials. Better for workers to stand and perform their tasks. This ladder is mostly used while painting the building or performing some maintenance work. 

Scaffolding Qatar suggests using this ladder for professional use. This durable ladder is made up of high quality and gives the best support to the operators working at heights.


  • Easy to switch between the stool and straight.
  • Platform provides a secure and comfortable work area
  • Easy to handle and fold
  • Safety guardrail
  • Single person use, access from the front side
  • Slip resistant foot and platform
  • Rubber grips feet.
  • Strong step joints.
  • Safe Working Load 100Kgs.