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Safety Items in Qatar

Scaffolding Qatar always strived to follow the scaffolding framework and proSafety Items qatar 2vide quality safety components to the clients. The team of professionals at our company continuously monitors safety measures for a secure business environment for all workers. Our first and foremost priority is to ensure the safety of the clients at the construction site before the erection.

Safety items that Scaffolding Qatar supplies include: 

Safety Items

  • Handrails Handrails are designed to be grasped by the hands used to provide stability and support. These are commonly used while ascending or descending escalators to prevent injurious falls.
  • Toeboards An unprotected edge increases the risk of falling. So, to prevent objects, tools, and equipment from falling over a platform, toeboards are used. Toeboards help to protect workers from falling off walking surfaces.
  • Guardrails The most commonly used industrial guardrails are constructed of steel. Just like toeboards, guardrails are also a safety item used for protecting structural walls and potential hazards. It is also known as protective guarding against dangerous or off-limit areas.
  • Roof Edge Protection Scaffolds, stairs, landing, etc, are needed for “edge protection” whenever there is a risk of falling from height. Every construction company needs a fall protection system. Roof edge protection consists of Guardrails and Handrails to prevent workers from falling. It can be applied to different locations such as rooftops, warehouses, and chemical facilities.
  • Scaffold Safety Netting

    Safety Items qatar 3

A heavy-duty plastic netting is used on scaffolding which is durable. It reduces rain and wind penetration which improves the working environment for construction personnel.

The scaffolding equipment is needed for those who are working at height and those in proximity. 

At Scaffolding Qatar, we offer products that are affordable, secure, and have effective access resolutions. We store a wide range of industrial scaffoldings and towers at cost-effective rates.