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Straight Aluminum Ladder

Scaffolding Qatar is very prominent in the market for serving Straight Aluminum Ladder of great quality to esteemed clients. These ladders are square-shaped and have more strength than any other ladder. 

Now the straight aluminum ladders are widely used in construction or building industries. They are also a good choice for household works too such as painting the houses, etc. The deeply serrated square steps used in these ladders make them slip-resistant and comfortable to climb. 

The Straight Aluminum Ladders we offer to our clients are always available at the best market prices. Clients broadly appreciate our products for their quality and long life.

Straight Aluminum Ladder qatarFeatures of Straight Ladder:

  • With the help of this ladder, reach up to 24 foot
  • Powerful step Joints
  • Flat steps in ladders
  • Light Weight.
  • Square shaped rungs give more strength to the ladder
  • Rung crimped into style gives more strength Anti-slip shoes
  • Side rectangular section designed for more sturdy ladder
  • Safe working load 150kgs