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Triple Section Straight Aluminum Ladder

Triple Section Straight Aluminum Ladder is the advanced version of the double aluminum ladder. It is an easily extendable and flexible ladder with comfortable square steps. This ladder provides a strongTriple Section Straight Aluminum Ladder qatar grip and has a wide spreader bar that helps to stop the side movements. The price of this ladder is mainly based on the requirements of the clients. 

Scaffolding Qatar gives amazing features in this ladder. It can also be converted into a free-standing combo ladder. In addition, it has an anti-slip foot and aluminum locking hook that moves easily in pulley and rope. The ladders here are perfect for cleaning tall buildings, tree cutting, and many other activities.


  • Large and comfortable square-shaped rungs
  • Anti-slip foot
  • Extendable type ladder
  • Suitable for single person usage
  • Rigid aluminium locking hook moves comfortably in rope and pulley
  • Safe working load 150Kgs