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Aluminum Folding Scaffolding Qatar

Aluminum Folding Scaffolding

Scaffolding Qatar Aluminum Folding Scaffolding works with quality and always provides work on time for the clients. Our team works to give the best experience with great products to ensure their safety and security. 

One of the products that we offer is Aluminum Folding towers beneficial for indoor works. This tower allows users to work in small places effectively. 

Because of its small size, it can fold up from one side easily and can be moved through the doors. There are various other unique features. The first one is the wheels, Scaffolding tower has wheels with an anti-slip surface to accommodate interior work. Also, the platform is adjustable at different heights comfortably.

Aluminum Folding Scaffolding Unique feature is mention below:-

  • ScaffoldingOMAN 80-F Aluminum Folding tower can navigate through a regular door opening without dismantling.
  • The wheels in the Scaffolding tower with the anti-slip surface are accommodated for interior work.
  • The platform height is adjustable and this makes working at different heights comfortable.
  • The method makes it simple to fold and unfold.


  • Folding Mechanism enables easy transport & storage facility
  • A single person can assemble and dismantle the unit comfortably
  • Caster wheels are provided with a Dual braking system
  • Fully welded with folding Mechanism